What snacks should I bring on the course?

Welcome back to the blog! This week I will be running through some of the snacks that I like to take on the course. Many of the ladies that I play with have said that they feel mentally and physically fatigued as they reach the home stretch. I found that most of these women do not carry snacks with them on the golf course, which is a big factor as to why they felt so tired. Golf is a sport that requires you to be sharp physically and mentally, so it is important to keep your body fuelled. 

Fruits are important to take on the golf course. They provide you with so many necessary nutrients such as vitamins and fibre. My favourite fruits to bring with me on the course include bananas and berries. Bananas are a great source for electrolytes, and are also high in potassium which is excellent for your body. They also keep you nice and full, which helps you keep sharp during your round. Berries are also an excellent snack on the course as they are high in antioxidants which help you feel energised. 

Another one of my favourite snacks that I have on the golf course are nut bars. My personal favourite are the Carman’s protein bars. I always keep a few in my bag just in case! Nut bars are great to eat as most are high in protein and have healthy fats. If you prefer having something light on course, nut bars are a great place to start. I recommend experimenting with a few different ones, as they vary in sizes and nutrients. A quick reminder to always ask your playing partners about potential allergies - it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Sandwiches are also another snack that I bring on course. Though I have to admit, I don’t eat them as much in comparison to fruits and nut bars. They are still a great option, as they are filling and customisable. If I’m having a sandwich on course, it’s always either a peanut butter or chicken and avocado one. Sandwiches are easy to keep in your bag and have on the go. Depending on what you put in yours, they can fill you up quickly and give you the strength and energy you need. 

If you’re wondering how often to snack on course, I make it a rule to have a substantial snack every six holes, which I think is very achievable. My dad always says, “if you’re hungry, it’s already too late!” I think it is extremely important to be conscious of what you have on the course and make sure that you keep yourself fuelled!

Thank you for reading another blog! I hope that some of my tips gave you some insight into what snacks to have on the course. I’m looking forward to hearing that you all are able to finish off your round strong and sharp!! Stay tuned for the next one, and as always happy golfing! 😊

Image by Freepik.