What’s in the bag? (Non-golf club edition)

Welcome to this week’s blog!! Today I’m going to be taking you through what’s in my golf bag (non-club edition). Everyone has a wide variety of items in their bags, and I wanted to show you what I carry around! So, without further ado, let’s get underway!

  1. Golf gloves 
One of the most essential things in my bag are my golf gloves. I keep around 5-6 in my bag in case they tear from overuse, or the rain starts pouring down. I am a big fan of rain gloves as my hands get sweaty, so they give me the extra grip that I need. Many golfers use different gloves depending on whether they practice or play, but I like to keep it all the same. Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll sometimes use a leather glove in the summer, but it’s a rare occurrence. 
  1. First aid pouch/sandwich bag 
I always keep a pouch or sandwich bag full of items such as Band-Aids, medicine, and tampons. Band-Aids are always handy to keep in your bag in case you get blisters on your fingers (like I do) and need to have some extra protection. I also find that there is always someone who needs one, so I try and keep plenty in my bag. I keep medicine such as Zyrtec, Voltaren and Panadol in my bag. My hay fever can get bad on the golf course, so I need to make sure I have an antihistamine on hand. Also, I keep Voltaren and Panadol for any aches and pains. The last thing that I have handy in my pouch are tampons. As a woman, it is an essential item and I carry a few more around just in case!
  1. Putting aids
In my golf bag, I keep two putting aids, the mirror and the Dave Pelz putting tutor. These two putting aids are small and fit perfectly in my bag, making it easy to carry around. The putting mirror that I have is amazing to have. It helps me focus on my stroke, alignment and posture, which are the basic, but key aspects in putting. The Dave Pelz putting tutor is also compact and helps me with my start line. The marbles on either side give me instant feedback, assuring me that I am starting the ball on line. As putting is an extremely part of golf, I like having these two great tools in my bag.
  1. Tees 

I have over a hundred tees in my bag- no kidding. I have this concern about never carrying enough tees, so one of the pockets in my golf bag are filled to the brim with them. I have this little superstition with tees where I have to put four in my hair before I start a round of golf. I have no idea how it started, but I don’t plan on changing it! 

  1. Balls 
I have been using the Titleist ProV1 golf balls for most of my golfing career, and absolutely love them. I always make sure to keep a couple of sleeves in my bag, and a few old practice balls as well.
The way I mark my golf ball is very specific, and something I try to get perfect every time. I use a purple permanent marker to draw a line, smiley face, and my initials on the ball. When I was a junior, we had a sports psychologist come in and talk about how colours can help with our emotions on course. As we see the ball the most, whether it be hitting it or lining it up to putt, it is important for us to see the colours that we like most often. Purple is a very calming colour for me, hence why I decided to use it to draw my markings on the ball. 

I hope you enjoyed this little insight into what I carry around in my golf bag! If you would like to keep up with my golfing journey, my Instagram handle is @juneesong 

Keep your eyes out for next week’s blog! Some more exciting content coming :)