My 2 favourite golf courses in the world!

Hello, and welcome back to the blog!! Today I will be sharing a couple of top golf courses I have played, and why I love them. As I have been fortunate enough to travel all over the world, it was difficult for me to decide, but these 2 absolutely stood out to me. I associate these golf courses with the great experiences I had, and I hope someday you can play them too!! So, let’s get underway. 

In 2017, I was fortunate enough to be selected as a junior representative to play in the International Junior Championships in Canada. It was only my second time representing the country, and I was ecstatic. We played the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Course in Jasper. In all my golfing years, I have never been blown away by the scenery of a golf course as much as Jasper Park Lodge did. It has got to be one of the prettiest golf courses in the world, the layout of the holes and the nature that surrounds it is unbeatable. Every hole on the golf course has stunning views of either the mountains or lake that surrounds it.

Aside from the scenery, the golf course was in immaculate condition when we played. The holes are challenging with slopes and bunkers placed in positions where you want to land in. For me, it was a golf course that was just perfection. I felt that the nature that surrounded the golf course was so healing. I am desperate to go back and experience that atmosphere again. If any of you have the opportunity to visit Canada, you should definitely visit and play the course!!

The next golf course that is in my all-time favourites is Lookout Mountain Golf Club in Arizona (USA). I was chosen to represent Australia in the Major Champions Invitational that was hosted by Nick Faldo. I associate this golf course with such amazing memories. The tournament itself was hosted so well, and I also had great teammates who made the experience even better.

The golf course was on a side of a mountain, so it was hilly, but added to the charm of it. Every hole had some sort of slope, which made it challenging to decide what club to hit. The layout of the golf course is one of my favourites as it makes you be strategic in where you hit the ball, which suits my golf. The course was in such great condition when we played, and even though we were there during the end of winter, I remember the grass being so green and lush.

The other aspect of the course I loved was the scenery, and how different it was to Australia. The course seemed desert like, with coarse sand in between fairways. My favourite part of the course was the thousands of cacti that lined up between and alongside the holes. Some of these were over two metres tall!! If you ever want to experience a course that is a totally different vibe to Australia, this one is worth playing. 

Thank you for reading another one of my blogs! I hope you enjoyed this one about my two favourite courses that I have played. I still have so many more golf courses to play and experience in the future and I can’t wait! See you next week x 

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