Keeping cool on the golf course

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my blog!! As we are now in summer, I wanted to share some tips on how I stay cool on the golf course. There are many ways that we can stay cool and make sure that we can perform as best as we can in this heat! 

The number one rule with keeping cool on the golf course in the summer, is making sure that you stay hydrated. It is important that you start drinking lots of water the night before your round to keep you on top of your hydration. You can also eat fruits and vegetables that have a high water content, such as watermelon and cucumber to maintain this. 

On the golf course, I bring an insulated water bottle, which helps keep the water cool for the whole round. In the summer, I find it important that my water stays cool for as long as possible, so invest in a good water bottle to help you achieve this. I also bring a frozen water bottle to make sure that I have enough fluid, and to keep me cool. Also, just a quick tip, putting a couple of tablets of Hydralyte in your water bottle will also give you the electrolytes you need for a hot summer’s day. Try the sports tablets- the berry one’s are my favourite!! There are also many alternatives to Hydralyte that you can find, but I personally love drinking coconut water on the golf course as well. 

The next tip that I have for staying cool on the golf course is making sure that you stay sun safe. When we play golf in the summer, our face, arms, and legs are the most exposed to the sun. It is important that we make sure that we apply plenty of sunscreen before and during the round, as the Australian sun is extremely harsh. I personally don’t like getting the grease of sunscreen on my fingers, so I use a sunscreen stick and spray instead. You can also wear is sun sleeves for your arms, which keep you cool and protected from UV rays. There are a lot of different brands out there but keep your eye out for the golf specific ones.

Thank you for reading this blog on how to keep cool while playing golf. I love being able to share some tips and insights every week and I hope that you all do too!!  As always, happy golfing and enjoy the lovely summer of golf!! 

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Image by Freepik.